Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi I figured it was about time to post something on here. I am currently busy crocheting 3 afghans at once. If I get bored doing one I put it down and pick up the other. I am working on the Maple Leaf afghan, the pattern is posted on my web site and 2 filet afghans, one has hearts through it and the other has an angel. I have picked some pretty funky colours for the maple leaf afghan using some of that yarn stored in my house. Bet there is some of you out there that might have a couple extra balls laying around too, well this is a great afghan for using those up and to take along (I also crochet at work). Yeh I know what can I say I Love to Crochet!!
I try and add patterns as often as time allows but with working full time and keeping a house sometimes there just isn't time. I will do my best though to regularly add some new stuff. If you have any special requests just drop me a line or put on a post and I might take some time to get it on there as I have only about a million patterns. Well that's all for now but will try and post soon again.